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Welcome! You've hit the site of Postie Bike Adventures Australia, so you must have some sort of adventurist spirit in there somewhere right? Well you have certainly landed in the right spot. Our aim is to provide people with adventure trips of a lifetime in some of the best places Australia has to showcase. 

We offer tours that will take you to places that will blow your minds - you will be able to smell the air, feel the freedom, and get a real taste of the delights Australia has to offer.

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But on a postie bike you say? Isn't this a bicycle with nothing more than a whipper snipper motor to power it? Fear not!! These machines of pure engineered genius will have you in awe when you discover the secretly delightful machine which they pretend not to be. There is no better way to see this beautiful land than on an iconic red 110cc  postie bike. These bikes have been ridden by Australia Post for years all around the country. Included in our adventures is the use of our fleet of bikes, fuel supply and mechanical support. We have explored and selected the best routes for your postie bike adventure and we also include extra experiences to ensure these tours give you the best value for money and the piece of mind that you have chosen the right adventure for you!


Support vehicles

We are fully setup -

Truck - check

Spares - check

Spare Bikes - check

Coolroom - check

Tail vehicle - check

We have thought of everything so all you have to do is enjoy!


Our team are here to make sure you have the time of your life and walk away with memories of a lifetime. We ensure we handpick the right people for the job.


We ensure we have anything covered with a Sattelite phone, sim cards for you to keep in touch with the outside world if necessary and UHF's - we have you covered


We understand things can happen - our team is on hand to make sure your bike gets you through - If we need to make some major repairs, no trouble, we'll have a new one ready.


We are passionate about adventure and providing you with as much exhilaration as you can handle - don't worry though, we know everyone is different and you can do as much or as little as you like.

Bikes Included

Our fleet of mantained Honda NBC110 Supercub Postie Bikes are included for the event duration with full mechanical support. You wont spend a minute more than you need off the road with spare bikes at hand. 


Most tours are fully catered - start to finish with fresh and varied produce - we like to eat well, and its important we keep you well fed too, to keep the energy flowing. We take pride in how we cater.


Theres nothing more important than a good sleep to rejuvenate you for the following day. Most of the times its camping, but some adventures include amazing beds - please read further in my adventures to see specifics.

All Inclusive

You pretty much just need to turn up with whats on the packing list, and be rest assured, you'll be taken care of. There are plenty of included tours in our adventures dependent on which one you take decide to join. 

First aid staff

Your safety is our priority, whilst we know there is some risk involved, we will do what we can to make your trip a safe and exhilarating journey with fully trained first aiders and/or medics on hand.



See some of the spectacular photos in the gallery below

by night photgraphed by Nick Rains

Karijini National Park. Credit: Nick Rains

Postie Bike tour top of Mt Nameless

Mt Nameless - Postie Bike heaven

Postie bikes tour on a red dirt road

3 beautiful postie bikes in their natural habitat

Red Dog Country trail postie heaven

Road from Tom Price to Karijini National Park. Credit: Greg Snell

Air Mail tour on Postie Bikes

Air mail - Postie Bikes doing what they do best! Just send it

Sunset over the Pilbara hills

The beautiful Pilbara

a wreck and a postie in the pilbara

Plenty to see in this beautiful sunburnt country. These Honda Cub NBC110 can go anywhere, seriously.

Karijini Eco Retreat Postie Accommod

Some of the amazing accommodation provided at Karijini Eco Retreat

Crabbe taking a rest from his postie

Bush bashing- Postie Bike Style

Pilbara Red Dog Country

Red dog country

Postie Bike flying through the air

Another typical bit of airmail being delivered by one of the lads!

A Challenging Postie Bike Tour

The old milk crate to hold all your goodies

Postie Bike Adventures Australia

How can you not love the Pilbara.. eye porn everywhere

Pilbara Postie Bike Challenge

Red Dog Pilbara Postie Bike Challenge

Red Dog trail at Sunset

More of red dog country

Hamersley Gorge on Postie Bikes

A bit of Hamersley Gorge

Red Dust in Western Australia

We love the red dust!

Postie Bike vs Loader - Pilbara Tour

Postie Bikes the upgrade from CT110 to the newer Super Cun NBC110

Karijini Eco Resort Postie Bike Tour

The dorms at Karijini Eco Retreat - an unforgettable experience

Hamersley Gorge after rain

Hamersley Gorge after rain - usually crystal clear

Termite mound vs Honda Cub NBC110

Many a termite mound to be seen on the postie bikes

Joffre Gorge Honda Cub NBC110

Joffre Gorge from the top

Gorges in Karijini at midday

Another brilliant gorge in Karijini

Handrail Pool Red Dog Postie Bike

Handrail Pool, Weano Gorge, Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Karijini on a Postie Bike

the spectacular Karijini - the best way to see is on a Postie Bike - what a challenge!

Postie Bike Challenge in Karijini

Just another day in the Pilbara

Swimming holes after a red dust day

The red rock, a geos dream!

Iconic Australia postie bike an swag

Swags and Posties go hand in hand

Gorges in Karijini National Park


View a top gorge in Karijini

The natural beauty of Karijini National Park will blow you away

Karijini on a postie bike tour

Getting ready to hit the dirt -

Hamersley Gorge Postie Challenge

Hamersley Gorge by day

Karijini bush walking

Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Postie Bike Adventures in rear view

What going on behind me?

Beautiful colours on Postie Bikes

Pilbara Beauty

Postie Bike in Tom Price Mt Nameless

Heading up Mt Nameless

2 Postie Bikes ready for a challenge

Ready to roll

Karijini Red Dog Country

Views from the top

Honda Cub NBC110 - Tom Price Postie

Another view from the top

Cloudy in the Pilbara

Cloudy with a chance of Posties

Daniel Crabbe on a postie bike

The boys having a scout

Fern Pool waterfall postie bike

Jubura (Fern Pool), Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Steven Morgan on postie bike

Mad dog Ethi giving it large in Tom Price

Long dusty road postie challenge

Sending it in the dust

Crabbe on a postie bike challenge

Mt Nameless Tom Price

Pilbara Postie Bike Adventures Austr

Red road heaven

Unsealed Roads Postie Bike Adventure

Postie Bikes love unsealed roads!

Pilbara Red Dog Challenge Postie

Sending it down the road towards Dampier

A cloudy day in the Pilbara

Postie Bike looking out over Tom Price

Hamersley Gorge at its finest

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Joffre Gorge red dog country

Joffre Gorge, Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Oxer lookout pilbara challenge

Oxer Lookout, Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Road to Karijini Eco Resort

Karijini National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Millstream a postie bike stop

Millstream Homestead; Millstream-Chichester National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Postie Bike Adventures Australia - P

A great postie bike challenge is awaiting

Angel Island Red Dog Country

Couple walking along a beach at Angel Island, in the Dampier Archipelago. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Hamersley Range by Postie Bike

Hamersley Range. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Pyrmaid Hill Pilbara

Pyramid Hill; Millstream-Chichester National Park. Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Sunset in the Pilbara

Outback sunset, near Port Hedland. Credit: Greg Snell

Mount Bruce Red Dog Challenge

Mount Bruce, Karijini National Park. Credit: Greg Snell


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