What’s included?

  • We supply you with one of our registered NBC110 Postie Bikes to use along with all fuel for the trip.
  • We will have a lead rider and a Tail End Charlie to guide the way and ensure no one is left behind.
  • We have spare bikes in case of any mechanical failures as well as spares to keep on riding.
  • We will have trained first aid personnel and/or a medic for piece of mind, as well as a satellite phone for emergency use. We will try to have mobile coverage for your use where ever there is a possibility (eg, sim cards in our phones to hotspot and call loved ones etc - please message us if you need more details).
  • All meals are included and we will have water/snacks and some soft drink available for the duration of the trips.
  • All accommodation is provided from the start day until the finish – If you decide to stay on after the final day of the event, this will be at your own expense and organisation. Upgrades can be purchased as an extra at some places.
  • All side trips on the Red Dog Pilbara Postie Bike Adventure are included such as a full day of canyoning, a mine tour, full day boat cruise and an aboriginal rock art tour.
  • Please see details on other trips for inclusions, but as a general rule, its all inclusive (Bush Chook being an exception with some free time on the last day and the evening meal not included)

What’s not included?

  • You will need to get your own flights (or your own way) to the designated start point on the start date as well as your way back to Perth on the completion of the trip from the designated town. As with all flights, it is best to book early as this is usually the best way to get a cheaper flight. We have noticed that flights to Paraburdoo come on special frequently during the year so an alert on skyscanner wont go astray to get the best deal.
  • Camping gear – sleeping bag/pillow/small blow up mattress – swag if you wish (we supply the tents)
  • Riding Gear – it is your responsibility to provide yourself full PPE – more info can be sought out in the riders pack upon registration
  • Accomodation on the last night of your tour isnt included on the Red Dog Postie Bike Adventure - we part ways on completion of the boat trip - although, we suggest staying at the Dampier transit park or mermaid tavern hotel. Its always a good time there!

How much are the trips?

The price for the trips vary according to which trip you are keen on. Earlier in the year, we usually offer earlybird discounts to encourage earlier bookings. The best way to monitor prices is to sign up to our email list - all prices can be found on the sign up tab, as well as the my adventure tab.

You are required to pay a $200 deposit to hold your spot - subsequent payments are required at intervals throughout the year via direct deposit to our bank account - all details are in the terms and conditions.

Do I need a motorbike license?

You will need to provide us with a copy of your license before we start the tour – An RE endorsement is the requirement in Western Australia but we will take the equivalent from other states as well as international drivers’ licenses with motorcycle endorsements.

If you have a learners license, you will need to be accompanied by a full licensed rider in accordance with WA road laws.

Can I do this on a learners permit?

If you are coming with another person and they are willing to be your escort for the trip, no worries. We ask though that if you are a learner, that you have sufficient experience riding and can contact us to discuss so we can assess your competency. The accompanying rider must comply with requirements by the Western Australias road laws.

What should I bring?

This is covered extensively in the riders’ pack which is provided upon registration – we suggest you pack light though – travel light – embrace the chance to get away, enjoy the nature and focus on the challenge and the joy it brings. Please ensure bags are max 100 litres, and please, no suitcases.. okay, suitcases if you must..but do you need that much really? Be aware that the bags will get dusty, they will get bundled on top of each other, and that we don’t accept liability for anything damaged in transit. Try to ensure that anything that may be semi-fragile is protected in your soft bag. Also note that all your gear will need to fit in your bag, including your camping gear but remember that your riding gear will be on every day and can be worn on the plane, so this will free up some room.

What about if i'm vegetarian or have other dietary requirements?

We will always do our best to cater to your needs – just let us know prior and we will try to work out a plan that works for us both. We can tell you what we provide, and you can guide us to help us provide whats best for you. We eat fairly healthy, so fresh produce is pretty readily available.

What can we expect in terms of accommodation?

We will be camping along the way and we endeavour to provide facilities such as hot water/ showers and toilets. We are travelling through the remote outback in the Pilbara so, sometimes, things are few and far between. We will however for the most part, be camping in places such as campgrounds, local sporting grounds or near hotels where facilities are available to use. We are excited to announce that we have secured dorm type accomodation in Karijini Eco Resort for 3 days on the Red Dog Pilbara Postie Bike Adventure. You will get a proper bed with sheets for these 3 nights... you will need them after the epic first day of riding and the following days running around in the park, canyoning and checking out its magnificence. With the Bush Chook ride, we will utilise the backpackers for night 3 and night 4.

I need help fundraising?

No problem, when you register we will send you a riders pack with a document with some ideas and tools to help you along the way. You can always feel free to contact us at any point with any questions or help with the direction to take with the fundraising.

Can I get personal sponsorship?

Feel free to get people to sponsor you to take the ride. This is a good way of reducing the cost to yourself– it can be hard but it’s certainly not impossible – here’s a link for some tips:

What camping gear do I need?

Please see the riders pack upon registration. - Basic things like a sleeping bag, small blow up mattress, travel pillow, head lamp or torch.. swag if you want to bring it is fine and encouraged- they are sometimes cumbersome for interstate travellers but others have rolled their bags inside their swag to allow for the baggage allowance for '1 item'.

Do I need spending money?

We encourage participants to save up some $5 notes or gold coins for our fine session which will happen in the evenings. The money collected will be put towards a charity donation and totalled at the completion of the tour. There will also be opportunity to purchase some cold beverages and any other souvenir’s you may wish to take as mementos - No need to fret though as there will be ample opportunities to withdraw cash but most ATM's we come across charge fees and have limits. So in short, its a good idea to bring suffiecient cash.

Will I have time to get used to my bike?

You sure will, on the Red Dog Pilbara Postie Bike Adventure we will spend the first night letting you have a play and familiarising yourself. We will have a briefing as well as some time to get to know each other. We will let you know how to best take care of your bike and ensure you are up to speed with what we have planned for the coming days!

On other rides, we will make sure everyone is comfortable and has sufficient time to get to know their bike - we want you to treat the bike well, so we will give you all the help you need. You will find that riding these bikes, and getting used to them is a breeze - really..

Can I bring my own postie bike?

We don’t see why not – although transporting your bike to and from the trip will be at your own expense and organisation. Saying this, all of our fleet are the newer NBC110 Honda Cubs and we won’t be holding spares to help out with in case anything goes pear shaped if you are riding a Honda CT110. If you do bring your own bike, it must be licensed, roadworthy and meet WA requirements – this is your responsibility and we take no responsibility for your bike – we will however help where we can. Also note that if you ride the CT110, you will lag behind, as our fleet of NBC110's run about 10-15km/hr faster.

Do I need insurance?

We encourage all participants to take out travel insurance. The insurance can cover things such as any flight cancellations, public liability, accidental death, damage to personal items etc... There are plenty of policies out there so choose wisely – also remember that a lot of credit cards provide travel insurance as a perk – Coverage is very reasonably priced - Think along the lines of a hundred dollars.
Many people don’t think about cover for themselves whilst in their own country but if the worst case were to happen, the piece of mind to ensure you aren’t out of pocket keeps the mind at ease whilst enjoying the journey. We also strongly recommend that you consider taking out some form of protective or personal injury insurance – You might find that you are covered through your work for income protection, or your private health insurer covers you for most thing, but it is something very important to consider and look into.

Do I have to fundraise?

Although it is highly recommended to fundraise, please note, it is not compulsary. We as a company will do our own form of fundraising and as such we encourage you to as well. Fundraising is a great way to add meaning to your adventure and you'll be surprised about who else will buy in to your adventure when you fundraise. It gives back to the community and makes you feel good whilst having the time of your life!

What if im a local to the Pilbara?

Let us know when you sign up and we can hopefully help you get to the starting point wherever that may be if we have room.